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Alexandria Digital Library University of California Santa Barbara
Craig McKie Resources for social sciences Social Sciences related catalog
CYBERGEO French GeoPortal
Economic Geographie Resource Index Univ. Washington USA
Electronic Resources for Geography Abilene University, Texas USA
Fundamentals of Physical Geography Okanagan Univ. College, USA (including Links)
Geography Internet Resources Connecticut State University, USA
Geography Network maintained by ESRI
Geo-Links Univ. Würzburg, Germany (Human and Phys. Geography)
Geo-Links Univ. Bonn , Germany
Geomorphology Websurfers Biweekly Earth Science Review German GeoGateway (german)
GEsource  Geography and Environment Gateway of the RDN
GLOBIS Geo-Links Univ. Utrecht, Netherlands (comprehensive in GIS and Remote Sensing)
LSU Libraries -- Geography Webliography Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge
National Geographic Online  Maps, photography, travel, more
The Geography Site Links, Lessons, Physical Geography and K12 / GCSE Revision
Virtual Geography Department Project University of Colorado, Boulder

Sites of special interest


DGfG German Geographic Society
European Geoscience Institutes Univ. Mainz u. ETH-Zürich (including magazine directory)
Fundamentals of Physical Geography Okanagan University College, Canada
Geographische Aufsatzdatenbank GEODOK Article Search in German Geographic Magazines
Geography Departments Univ. Aachen, Germany (including GIS-Links)
Geography Departments Worldwide Univ. Innsbruck, Austria
Geo-Images Project University of California at Berkeley
International Association of Geomorphologists
Topica Email List Directory Mailing lists relevant to geography

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