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Additional starting points

Centre for Atmospheric Chemistry York University, Canada
Climate Diagnostics Center University of Colorado at Boulder
Department of Meteorology University of Cologne, Germany
Deutscher Wetterdienst World-Wide-Meteorolocical Links
DKRZ HomePage German Climatic Data Center
Global Warming Policy Sites Part of the "Global Change Master Directory" (NASA)
IGC Internet īs Progressive Gateway Atmosphere & Climate Links
MPI für Meteorologie Max-Planck Institute for Meteorology
National Climatic Data Center US National Climatic Data Center
University of Michigan Weather Forecasts, images, and a large collection of weather links
Weather Information Superhighway National Weather Service, Florida
Websurfers Biweekly Earth Science Review Index and review of Meteorology  related Internet resources
Wetterzentrale German Climatic-Gateway (german)
WINDandSEA NOAA Central Library Atmospheric and oceanic sciences Internet Resource Locator

Sites of special interest

COLA/IGES Weather & Climate Images
ECO - The Climate Action Network Online Online Magazine
Encyclopedia of the Atmospheric Environment Source of information on a range of atmospheric issues
Internet TOMS Total Ozone Mapping Spectrometer (NASA Projekt Ozon)
Climatic diagrams worldwide Univ. Karlsruhe, Germany
Meteorology Guide: the online guides Univ. of Illinois, USA
Storm Chase Page Severe Weather Forecasting
The Ozone Hole Tour Universitaet Cambridge, U.K.
Urban Cimate Information and links on the subject "Urban Climates" 
Weather informations deparment of Meteorology Univ. Köln, Germany - Current Weather Informations
Weather and Climate Glossary Oklahoma Climatological Survey
Weather - Clouds - Climate Univ. Karlsruhe - including a clouds atlas (german)
World Climate Weather rainfall and temperature data

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