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Additional starting points

Best Environmental Resources Directories Université Libre de Bruxelles, Belgium
EarthTrends Environmental Information Portal
Ecosustainable Hub Resources and tools on ecology, environment and sustainability
EnviroLink Network Environment Gateway
Environmental Engineering California Institute of Technology, USA
Environmental Organization WebDirectory! Comprehensive catalog
Environmental Sites on the Internet Royal Institute of Technology Stockholm, Sweden
European Environment Agency Europe's gateway to environmental information
GEIN German Environmental Information
Greenpeace Berlin Environmental Links (german)
NASA's Global Change Master Directory Global Change Catalog (NASA)
National Library for the Environment Nat. Council for Science and the Environment Washington
NOVAGate Maintained by NOVA University (Scandinavian agricultural universities)
OekoWeb Catalog by Oekomedia
The Ecology WWW Page Comprehensive ecology related catalog
umis-links Environment Management related Catalog (german)
UNEP.Net United Nations Environment Network
German Library for Environment Including a Virtual Library (german)
ZUDIS German Environmental and Climate Data Directories

Sites of special interest

Chemie und Umweltbelastung Univ. Kiel, Germany - discourse on chemistry and ecological damage (german)
Earthshots Satellite Images of Environmental Change
ELI: The Environmental Law Institute Environmental Law Institute, Washington
Environmental Media Services Current information on environmental issues
Environment Germany
Global Warming Early Warning Signs Illustrates the local consequences of global warming
Rain forest web.org World Rainforest Information Portal
Renewable Resource Data Center Renewable energy resources in the US
Virtual Environmental Law Library Pace University School of Law, USA
World Environment Library New Zealand Digital Library, Online-Texts
Worldwatch Institute Home Page

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