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Achoo Gateway to Healthcare Human Health and Disease Directory
BioSites US Network of Libraries of Medicine
BML/MCL: Medical Sciences University of California, San Diego
  Deutsches Medizin Forum Medicine Portal (german)
Emory MedWeb Emory University Atlanta
  HealthLinks University of Washington, USA
  HealthWeb University of Illinois/Chicago, USA
Land of Medical Links: by Joe Buenker Arizona State University
Martindale's Health Science Guide University of California, Irvine
MedExplorer Comprehensive Catalog
  Medical Matrix Annotated clinical medicine ressources, requires (free) registration
  Medical Search engines Databases Search by specialty medical channels
medivista - Erfolgreich suchen im Bereich Medizin Search Engine (german)
MedMark Medical Bookmarks
  MedWebPlus: Subjects Comprehensive Catalog
  OMNI:Organising Medical Networked Information UK's gateway to biomedical Internet resources

Sites of special interest

Alternative Medicine Homepage University of Pittsburgh
  Medizin History related linklist Univ. Bochum, Germany (german)
German National Library of Medicine - Cologne Including online-catalogs
Roche Lexikon Medizin (4. Aufl.) Medicine Online Dictionary
  Topica Email List Directory Mailing lists relevant to medicine
U.S. National Library of Medicine

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