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Deutsche Physikalische Gesellschaft German Physical Society
nature physics portal Physics Portal, requires (free) registration
Physics California Institute of Technology, USA
Physics Internet Resources American Physical Society
PhysicsWeb Physics Gateway, including a free available catalog Comprehensive catalog
PhysNet - Physics Departments and Documents Worldwide Univ. Oldenburg, Germany Physics Portal
PSIGate - Physics Gateway Physical sciences hub of the Resource Discovery Network
The Physics Encyclopedia Linklist (Ivanov)
TIPTOP The Internet Pilot To Physics Part of PhysicsWeb

Sites of special interest

Center for History of Physics American Institute of Physics
Eric Weisstein's Treasure Trove of Physics On-line encyclopedia of physics terms and formulas
MetaPhys Physics Document Search Engine Univ. Oldenburg-PhysNet
PhysDep - Worldwide Physics Department Network Univ. Oldenburg-PhysNet
Physics Reference by Physical constants, unit conversion, formulae, equations
Relativitätstheorie von M. Kornelius Theory of relativity for amateurs (german)
Shortcuts to Physics, Engineering, and Mathematics Departments US-Departments; Waubonsee Community College, USA
The Particle Adventure Tour of the inner workings of the atom
Topica Email List Directory Mailing lists relevant to physics

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